Sick Week

Once again this winter, I caught some kind of virus and was unable to get any sort of physical activity in between lying on the couch and forcing myself to go to work. So tomorrow I will just pick my training up where I left off, once good thing about doing this on my own is that I haven’t fell behind as there is no one to catch up to but myself!

188 days to go…


Cross training like a boss

One of the biggest causes of injury is an overuse injury. The best ways to prevent these types of injury are:

1. Warm up using a dynamic warm up

2. Recover properly (stretch, rest, nutrition)

3. Train appropriately – slow gradual progression based on moderation, consistency, & rest

4. Cross train

5. Listen to your body – don’t push yourself past pain if your body is saying no.

Since I’m going to be re-doing the 10K program that I did in the fall over the next couple of months, I decided it was important to try and actually follow the program much more closely than before. As I’ve said in previous posts, I didn’t feel like I accomplished everything I needed to during that clinic. I think I got a bit lazy with the program, and ended up skipping multiple workouts. Come 10K time, I really didn’t feel ready for it (and then ended up getting sick, so I never found out if I could do it or not!).

One of the things I was definitely skipping last time was my cross training sessions. I was doing a little bit of yoga at first, but then even that dropped off – which I’m going to be re-starting soon again as well. I definitely wasn’t doing any other sort of cardio, especially because I had quit the gym and it being winter I didn’t really have anything to do in terms of cross training cardio.

Last week I decided to re-join the gym, as the weather has been insanely cold and I wasn’t even running since I wasn’t wanting to brave the cold. So far it’s been really good, I’ve been making it there to workout more than I have in the entire month and a half prior to joining. I’ve noticed a higher energy level and better mood all around. I definitely notice the effect on my mental and emotional health when I haven’t been working out.

Tuesday I went to Spin class with a friend of mine and wasn’t looking forward to it, but was glad she wanted to meet up for it. I feel like I have to push myself twice as hard to get to the gym just to cross train since I don’t enjoy it as much as running. It was a tough class, but I’m happy with the result, and the fact that I’m protecting myself from injury hopefully. I’m also hoping to increase my endurance level for the long races by cross training my body and lungs so that they will be ready for the long haul.

This is how I felt through part of class... (via - Women's Health Magazine)

This is how I felt through part of class… (via – Women’s Health Magazine)

Here’s another blog post about why cross training is good for runners: Simply Nicole

Here’s to cross training like a boss, and trying to keep it up! How do you cross train? Do you? What cardio besides running do you love to do? I’m trying to find something I really love (and I don’t think spin is it… haha)!

193 days to go…

Adding in Accels

Earlier this week I did a 4K run and my training outlined to add 3 accels at the end of the run. Since it’s still really cold outside I did this run on the treadmill. I had a bit of ankle pain around the 2K mark but it went away fairly quickly. I actually enjoyed the accels at the end of the run as it mixed it up a bit and made the last .5K go by really quickly. This was something in the 10K training that I never did the first time around, but our coach had told us that the accels actually help to increase your speed and overcome plateaus in your running, and to keep your body on its toes.

Another thing I’m trying to do more of lately is some strength training, to compliment all the cardio I’ve become accustomed to. Therefore, after my run I headed to the mat area and did some squats and abdominal exercises in a circuit. I have definitely been sore from the workout the past 2 days! Felt good to add in something different. The other nice thing about being at the gym is it makes it easier to concentrate on stretching post-run as well. 🙂

195 days to go…

10K training revisited

I’ve decided to go back to the 10K plan that I did in the fall with a Brainsport clinic. I want to do the plan over again because I didn’t feel like I got what I needed out of it. I’ve realized that the way the clinic was set up just didn’t work for me. Our coach tried to get us to feed off of competition and in beating each other and I just found that it wasn’t what motivates me. I found that I was less motivated and felt badly about myself since a lot of the time I couldn’t beat anyone else and I was one of the slowest in the group. It’s not that his way of coaching is bad, it works for most people, and would probably work for me if I was one of the best, but I’m not and running isn’t something that comes easily to me so I felt discouraged instead of empowered.

I decided that the best way for me to prepare for the half marathon training that I will be starting in May is to re-do the 10K training program on my own over the next couple of months. So I’m starting this week and I’m hoping it goes better the second time!! 🙂

198 days to go…

Seawheeze 2013 – it’s official


So, it’s official!! My girlfriends and I signed up for the Seawheeze half marathon on Friday! I’m super nervous but really excited that it’s now official and the three of us are heading for Vancouver in August! Registration has only been open for 4 days and is already over half full. I’m so happy we decided to register on the first day allowed. I would have been so dissappointed had we made these big plans and been unable to go!

Sorry again for my lack of posts. I guess when I wasn’t working towards a goal it was easy to completely fall off the wagon of blogging, running, etc! I’m going to make a bigger effort though. Thanks to any readers who have stuck with me the last couple of months while I’ve been AWOL!

199 days to go… (Less than 200!! OMG!)

First run in a month

As I said in my last post, December was an insanely busy month for me. So I was very happy to finally be able to get a run in at the end of the month. Last Saturday my best friend was in town, and she is training for the Disney Marathon in January. So while she was here, she needed to get in a 21 mile run (something that still seems so crazy to me!). Saturday she went to the field house and ran the track for 4 hours to get her 21 miles in – so I joined her for part of her run. It was nice because I joined in the middle and knew exactly where she would be! Lol. It was also nice because I needed to take a couple of breaks and she could keep going without actually losing me like would happen outdoors. It was a very cold day, so running outside was just not quite an option.

What I didn’t like about the track was that it got really boring really quickly. Even with a friend! I definitely couldn’t go by myself and run there. I actually prefer the treadmill, as long as there is a tv to watch. I just found that the time went by too slowly. Needless to say I cannot wait until spring!!

This week warmed up significantly so tonight I’m heading out with my two running buddies for a run by the river!

217 days to go…

I’m back!

Wow, sorry for the month-long hiatus that just happened! December flew by so fast for me. It’s been a blur of work, parties, family gatherings, and Christmas of course! I honestly have not done any form of physical activity all month, which is also very disappointing. Tomorrow will be my first run back at it, I will be joining my best friend on one of her last long runs prior to her running the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2 weeks! I obviously will only be going for what I hope to be a good 5Km, although I’m probably quite out of shape, so we will see how this goes!

In addition to getting back into a fitness routine, I will be starting to post more regularly again! I’m so sorry to any readers I may have, I missed you!

224 days to go… (crazy!)

Hectic Schedule

Wow, life has sure caught up with me, I can’t believe it’s been over 2 weeks since my last post! Sorry for the poor showmanship over here.

I accomplished my goal of running 3 times while on holidays in Palm Springs, and was really enjoying running in warm weather again. The day after returning I went out with run club in -15 degree Celsius weather, but with the windchill it was -25 (that’s -13 F for all you Americans). It was quite the shock to my system, and so so cold. When I got home and into the shower my legs were so red they looked like a really bad sunburn. I was proud of myself for going though!

Since then I’ve been working a lot. I had last weekend off but Mark and I headed to Regina for his work Christmas party (last one since he’s moved home now!), so we didn’t get home until late afternoon Sunday and then had a birthday dinner to attend. I worked again Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so had no time to make it out for a run. Yesterday my friend and I went to try a new yoga studio and attended a hot yoga class. I was really looking forward to it since I haven’t been to yoga in almost 2 months, but it was awful. The instructor (and owner of the studio) was like a drill sergeant. It was not relaxing in the least. Plus, there weren’t any sun salutations, and we didn’t get into downward dog even once. If you ask me, it wasn’t yoga at all – it was holding yoga-like poses in a room heated to 105 degrees F while being directed by the serg. Not impressed.

I was hoping to get a run in today, but was very far behind on laundry and groceries, so I wasn’t able to make it happen. The plan is to go Monday after work if the day isn’t too crazy. I’m starting to get nervous for this half marathon thing, I feel like I haven’t made any progress in my abilities sine October. 😦 At least I’ve got:

245 days to go…


This November rocks. Shortly after my trip out to the west coast for a wedding, I’m now down in Palm Springs visiting my parents (who live here in the winter months). I’ve come down this time of year for the past 2 years, so this is my third black friday, and I’m looking forward to it as usual.

Back to this past week. As previously mentioned, I got sick immediately upon my return home from Vancouver. Unfortunately it has dragged on and on (I still have a cold and a bit of a cough), which means I was not well enough on Sunday to run my first 10K race, the Jingle Bell run in support of the Arthritis Society. I was very disappointed, but very proud of my running partner Kristi as she finished in 55 mins! Very impressive showing.

Tuesday I left for Palm Springs, and the weather here is unbelievable. Above average temps for this time of year, so I really lucked out. I’m hoping to get a bit of a tan as I’m super pasty white at present. Anyways, my goal was to run while on holidays, and as I said in my last post, we didn’t have any time to do so while in Vancouver or Seattle. Therefore, it is my mission to get at least 3 good runs in while here (and enjoy running in my shorts and t shirts again).

Yesterday I went for my first run in 2 weeks! Boy am I out of shape from having that much time off and from being sick. I struggled through 4K, having to walk a fair amount of the 3rd kilometer, but I still felt great knowing I got out there. And I really enjoyed the first kilometer, I was feeling so refreshed to get my body active again.

Beautiful views on my run!

Hopefully my next run here goes a bit better, but I’m just happy to be getting out there again. So far, no ankle pain but it was a short run. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t start to bother me.

Happy Thanksgiving to any American followers I may have!! Are you planning a workout sometime today to prepare for tonights feast? I’m hoping to do an afternoon run.

260 days to go…

Amazing Sights

Well I’m back from our trip out to the west coast. It was a great vacation but it ended up being much more jam packed then I expected, and therefore I didn’t actually get the chance to go for a run. Thankfully that was the only thing I was disappointed about on the entire trip so it was an overall success. Next week I’m going to visit my parents down south for black Friday, so I should actually have time to get on some runs in nice weather.

Kitsilano Beach!

We spent the first 3 days in Vancouver and area sight seeing and celebrating the wedding of two very good friends. Then we headed down to Seattle on Sunday just in time for the SeaHawks football game which was a lot of fun.

That day also happened to be my boyfriend and I’s anniversary so we went out for a nice dinner. The next day we headed down to pike place market and saw the first starbucks and walked along the sea board.

My girlfriend and I took a ride on the Ferris wheel on the boardwalk which was pretty fun. Then that afternoon we got a little bit of shopping in before having a nice last dinner out all together.

It looks cloudy and yucky out but the weather was pretty nice actually

On the last day on our way out of the city we stopped at the building that was used as the Grey’s Anatomy hospital which I was very excited about (I’m a big fan of the show). Then we hit the outlets just outside of the city on our way back to Vancouver to catch our flight.

Overall it was a very successful trip with lots of good memories made! Now to get back into training. My first 10K is this weekend and I’m feeling very rusty (I caught the flu on our last day as well, so I’ve been sick the past couple of days), so I’m not sure how well it will go, I’m expecting to need to walk a fair amount.

267 days to go…